I’m doing it again…

I can’t even remember how many times I’ve done this dance, but I’m at It again.

I’m switching back from Lightroom to Aperture. This is of course after several failed attempts to find anything else suitable. Lightzone, Bibble, hell I even flirted with Picasa and iPhoto! I even attempted the open source and promissing digiKam, from a Linux port, but it couldn’t get past loading my library without locking up. Definitely want to give that one a shot natively in Linux someday. But today, I need something that works for Macs, and works well.

I seem to switch back and forth about twice a year. Always impressed with Lightroom’s speed initially, despite preferring Aperture’s interface, but then after a few months I start regretting the choice as it starts getting incredibly bogged down, and thus begins the exodus once more.

I think, no, I hope this time, me in 6 months will remember back on the numerous past trials and failures, and I’ll just stick with Aperture. Damnit.