Goddamn my gadget lust

Last Tuesday Apple announced the refresh of their iPod line. To be expected, certainly. And what I completely expected, but apparently some did not, was the announcement of the iPod Touch. Or as I put it: “the iPhone, minus the ‘Phone'”.

I called that the moment the iPhone was announced back in January, but people thought that would be crazy. They’d never do that for an iPod! Just doesn’t make sense to have internet browsing, or gps/maps, or email, or blah blah blah on a music player!

And now, it’s happened. Though sans the Google Maps app for some odd reason (but you can still access the mobile version by going to their mobile website, in case they never get around to adding the native app). And granted, I fully expected the camera to make it as well, so needless to say just a slight disappointment.

I was moments away from placing my pre-order as I watched the keynote. $299 – $399 is far more reasonable for near-iPhone capability. So of course, imagine my utter dumbfoundedness (yes, it’s a word. Trust me) as I continued watching the keynote, and Steve Jobs announces a $200 drop in price on the iPhone. Bringing it to $399.

Aw SHIT! Now I’m torn.

And I’ve not been able to make a decision all week. Do I want the iPhone and be chained to an exorbitant data plan for the next 2 years? Or do I say “to hell with it!” and get the iPod Touch, keep my EX-Z75 for the quickie pics, and be content?

Honestly, I don’t know that the iPhone would even be in the running right now, if it weren’t for my current phone. It routinely doesn’t ring when someone calls. Sometimes messages take a week or more to show up. Leading, of course, to many “dude, why didn’t you call me back?!” moments. Of course, it’s been dropped a few times more than I care to admit. And I think it even got a bath once at some point in the 4 years that I’ve had it. But still, it’s a piece of shit. And I’m in need of a new one something fierce.

So it’s been either iPhone + 2 years of servitude, or iPod Touch + Moto RAZR V3xx (+2 year contract renewal, but at least I’m not forced into using a data plan). Fracking sweet ass phone/iPod/video player/mobile internet device … or fracking sweet ass iPod/video player/mobile internet device and an ok but completely unexciting phone.

And then today, to add more agonizing fuel to my A.D.D. riddled raging inferno of internal dialog, someone posted steps on how to unlock the iPhone. Great news for people not with AT&T, or people (like me) who are with AT&T, but don’t want to be forced into servitude for the privilege of using a $600$400 phone.

Unless I’m misunderstanding something, I can go to an Apple Store, buy an iPhone, unlock it, and then be using it on my current plan.

If that’s the case, I think I just settled my own debate.